Our Guarantee

We guarantee all plant material to be true to name, sized to A.A.N. specifications and in healthy growing condition when installed.  All work will be done in a workmanlike manner according to standard practices.

Stump Grinding:  If applicable.  Unless otherwise indicated herein, MA. Rodriguez, Big Trees, Inc will remove wood, brush and debris incidental to the work.  Any alteration from the above specifications involving extra work will become an additional charge over and above the proposal.  

Absolutely no digging will take place without first having the site(s) checked by the Joint Utility Locating Information for Excavators (JULIE) or Digger in the City of Chicago.  We cannot be held responsible for damage to underground utilities such as but not limited to, well and septic systems, irrigation systems, private electric lines which are not under JULIE's or Diggers jurisdiction.  

All trees purchased from Big Trees have a 100% warranty for one year, if the tree completely dies within the first year.  There is no warranty on replacement trees.  This warranty is not in effect if: 1. if the plants are not cared for and our maintenance instructions are not followed.  2. Final invoice is not paid upon completion of the job, unless otherwise specified.  3. Death is caused by drowning from improper drainage or overwatering by sprinkler systems, construction work, vandalism, vehicular or pedestrian traffic, "acts of God" or pet/animal damage.  Watering and routine care are the owners responsbility.


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